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Life is short, so try to smile while you still have all your teeth left.


That quote jumped out at me since I have been on a long journey the last year to a healthy mouth.  I have now reached the point that I am ready to pick out a new smile that I hope to show often.  Maybe my husband and I will even update our real estate picture on our signs and business cards so people will recognize us when they come into our open houses!


How many of you when you see a baby or small child in public can resist the urge to smile, talk, or give a high five to attract their attention and big smile?  Maybe it’s just because I’m a grandmother, but I can never resist the urge to smile as big as I can at the little angels when they make eye contact. 


Almost without fail they return the big smile and enjoy the attention.  Sometimes they glance away and then return the gaze to see if you are still watching.  It always warms my hearth to connect with their spirit and innocence. 


Another awesome thing is that children live in the moment!  What an awesome attribute.  If we can learn to let go of our fears, worry, and anxiety and just enjoy what’s happening one moment at a time, I think we would all smile more often.


Here is to a great week,  and we hope that you are the reason somebody smiles today!