A Last Word on Smiles

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I hope you have found some inspiration and given away an abundance of your own smiles.

In today’s world, it seems like we aren’t focused as much on smiling and spreading happiness to others.  Maybe by doing so we can make ourselves feel better or even change another’s mood. 

It is my hope that every day makes you smile and that you smile often.  However, not all cultures will agree.  The statement below shows that.  It reminds me again of the saying, “Smile.  It makes people wonder what you are up to.”

The Lonely Planet Guidebook warns tourists visiting Poland that smiling to strangers is perceived as a sign of stupidity (Bedford, Fallon, & McAdam, 2008).   A Norwegian labor market agency booklet informs that in Norway, it is understandable that, when a stranger on the street smiles at you, you assume that he or she is drunk, insane, American, or all of the above.


I found this article that describes 3 different types of smiles.  See if you can recognize yours!

In 1974, Leonard Rubin described three basic types of smile, based on his study of 100 people:

·         The “Mona Lisa”, where the corners of the mouth go up and outwards and the upper teeth are exposed. The dominant muscle action is from the zygomaticus major. About two-thirds of people studied smile this way.

·         The “canine” smile, where the canine teeth are exposed. The dominant muscle action is from the levator labii superioris. 31 per cent of people smiled like this.

·         The “full dentured”, where the lips are pulled back strongly, showing both upper and lower rows of teeth. All muscles are equally dominant. Just 2 per cent of people were found to smile this way.


Hope your September was full of smiles, and don't forget us when you have real estate questions or needs.  We believe in Faster Success -- Minus the Stress.